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Camping and Day Visiting


Take Note:

  • We are currently open for day visiting no booking is necessary. 
  • To camp you need to make a booking in advance using the form below, complete and Click on Make Enquiry.
  • Group bookings for Functions for Day Visitor are welcome.


Campsite and Stands

  • See the Terrain plan below
  • We have 25 grassed stands for camping next to the water.
  • All the stands have standard 3-point electrical plugs, a built braai with a grid, a light, fresh borehole water and rubbish bins are shared between stands.
  • The stands are serviced every day.

Caravan, Campers, Camp Trailers and Tents

Stands number 1-12, 20 and 25 are suitable for caravans and camper vans.

Tents and camper trailers can stand on all the stands.



The trees are still young, and do not give adequate shade - please bring a gazebo for shade.



  • Camping -
    • A minimum of 2 days during School Holidays and Long Weekends.
    • A minimum of 1 day outside of season
    • There are 2 options for camping determined by departing time:
      • Option 1: You spend the last day of your booking at Wonderland 45 and depart before 18:00 and you will be charged for the last day.
      • Option 2: You depart before 10:00 on the last day of your booking and you will not be charged for the last day.



  1. Please complete the form below, make sure the dates and details are correct and submit.

Please include the following in the form:

The number of persons per age group for the day tariff

  • Your Cell Phone number
  • Your Email address
  • The stand/s you prefer
  • The arrival and departure dates
  • In the Comment section:
    • Please mention if you will be camping with a caravan or tent
    • Enter any additional information we will need or that you would like to ask.
    • Your language preference: Afrikaans / English
  1. We will receive an email with the details that you entered.We will send you an email with a quotation
  2. Take note, the booking will be made and confirmed when you accept the quotation and send us the Proof of Payment to our email


Please note that ALL fields are required to be filled in.
Name and surname:
Mobile no:
Arrival Date:
Departure Date:
Number of adults:
Number of children:
Questions or comments:
High School pupil
Primary School pupil
Pre-school child:
Preferred stand/s

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